The "Lime Tree" room

Double bed room with breakfast

Suite next to the "Zwettinge", Located on the 1st floor, this 50m2 room overlooks the lime tree.

It has a mezzanine which offers space for additional sleeping capacity if required.

"Queen size" bed
Four-star hotel quality bedding
Bathroom with italian shower
Air conditioning
Hair dryer
Separate toilet
Flat-screen TV
Free Wi-Fi

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A little bit of history

This room overlooks the lime tree and the magnificent roof, covered with old tiles “bieberschwantz”, meaning beaver tail in Alsatian —and its rooster weather vane.

The room floor is made of broad, traditional fir planks. The antechamber of this charming room is located in the 17th century house while beds are found in the 18th and 19th century extension under an impressive oak framework.

The exposed stonework of the 17th century gable allows visitors to admire the magnificent limestone masonry.