The 7 room

Double bedroom with breakfast

50m2 room, located on the 1st floor with a view overlooking the gorgeous inner courtyard. The bedroom leads to a bathroom with a bath and italian shower.

Direct access to the park and outdoor pool is available.

"Queen size" bed
Four-star hotel quality bedding
Bathroom with bath and italian shower
Air conditioning
Hair dryer
Separate toilet
Flat-screen TV
Free Wi-Fi

Our B&b in Alsace is available
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A little bit of history ...

For want of a better a name “Room Number 7” remained after the room numbering system applied during the renovation of the house. This numbering seems serendipitous in hindsight; in France 7 is the magic number and is perfectly suited to this charming room.

Set in the attic of the building,the scorched gable wall in front of the entrance remains as evidence of a tragic 19th century fire that destroyed much of the northwest portion of the building.

The very beautiful fir framing dates from the end of the 19th century. Against the wall gable you will find an Alsatian cabinet from 1700 with its bastioned decoration.